The Invoker Set – An Inspired Look at Our Latest Logo Apparel, Our Company Goals, and Walking Together in the Light

Everything I make here takes inspiration from things I love.  Since I was small, I’ve had a love of books, art, and always had my head in the clouds.  One of my favorite things I realized early on was that costumes, makeup, hair, and the right attitude can take you down so many wonderful paths and opportunities.  My favorite things to watch on tv or in movies was anything fantasy based.  I marveled at how cosmetic changes could make your wildest dreams seem alive on a big screen. 

It didn’t take me long to feel that urge to want to express myself through my hair and clothing.  I of course wasn’t a movie star or a famous anyone, but when I stopped caring about what others thought and started to try different things out, that’s when I found I felt at my best.  There is nothing better than especially young kids asking to touch my pink and blue “princess/mermaid/unicorn” hair and going along with it as their eyes light up.  It’s also a great way to inspire others to dress and be who they want to be.  Too many people fall into the trap of thinking there’s some expectations for how an adult should dress or look.

That said, all our projects come from a place of authenticity, love, light, and inclusion.  All my critters I’ve hand drawn are poor spooky little guys that just need some love. When it came down to designing a logo set for our business, I wanted something of course that would again push the limits and be a statement piece that would raise eyebrows and look provoking. 

I set out to find something that would encompass our love of the occult, a love for nature, a love for creation, and I wanted to package it all in something that looked mildly intimidating and edgy.  Why?  Because I want to tear down the stereotypes and judgements.  I wanted to educate and prompt discussion.  Not everything is as it seems on the cover.  Some of the nicest and most influential people have tattoos, or wild hair, or other physical expressions.  One of my favorite things is to discover actors that always play extreme bad guys or are in the media for being “out there” only to hear them talk in an interview and discover they’re poised, well spoken, and secretly fund many charities, and rescues kittens or whatever.

So, I designed exactly that.  I wanted to break down some misconceptions about the pagan religions, Wiccans, early science, and even todays religions.  The result has been an occult style logo that is actually full of old runic and pagan symbols of all the nice things.  I took the pentagram which was inspired from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.  Leonardo had a keen interest in perfection in Gods work and nature and used this drawing as a way to connect man, God, and nature.  He believed that this was proof of Gods perfection in the sense that all these measurements fit perfectly into a perfect circle.  Lines could also be drawn along each appendage making a perfect star. 

It is believed that the star stands for the top point meaning the spirit, and the other points represent the elements.  We also have five fingers, five toes, five senses. It’s not surprising that older pagan rituals utilized the star symbol, and so does more modern religions.  The star symbol is often used around Christmas to symbolize the birth of Christ. 

There are some common misconceptions, that paganism or Wiccan or witchcraft is somehow anti-Christian or goes against the belief of one God, as is true for modern religions.   However, this is technically false, as most of modern religions came after paganism and other spiritual practices.  Paganism was not designed to try and hurt or insult anything, especially since they came before Christianity.  There are many current practices that perfectly marry Christianity and other God based faith perfectly with other earth-based rituals.  The thought process being that most alternative practices are element based and earth based, celebrating connection to the earth and the sky, and it’s easy to see how if one believes God has created everything, then anything you’re doing to further his creation, is only an extension.  There is a thriving population of Christian pagans; who knew?!  I do know that this isn’t for everyone, and some might balk at the comparisons or consider it blasphemy, but truly the aim of the more modern spiritual practices and modern religions share a remarkable amount of similarities, and symbols.  If all of this doesn’t sound like its right for you, that’s also perfectly ok!  Our goal here was to inform about the history and influences, and for how we have interpreted the core values of all religions to create a cohesive and inclusive piece as our logo.

Armed with all this new exciting information, I began to look into old symbols, and selected a few to recreate in the spirit of all these positive things.  On the logo, you will find the axe, a symbol for protection.  You will find the symbol for balance, love, earth, sky, male and female.  You will find a symbol for the moon and rebirth, and blessings, and an older cross for faith.  I put it all together with my graphic designer, and when I was done, I ended up with something that would make everyone’s white witch jump for joy.

No matter what you believe or practice, we all hold a bit of white witch in us all.  We all follow a path of kindness, light, healer, and love.  We all believe in helping our fellow man, those less fortunate, and the small animals and creatures that don’t have a voice.  We all treat each other with kindness and respect and hope to find unity and support with others on our same path in our chosen houses of worship.  You can support us and each other with ease and pride, knowing you carry all our love and light.  We hope you love our Invoker set as much as we do, and let it represent whatever it means to you!

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Invoker Unisex T-Shirt

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Invoker – 12×12-Poster-Matte Finish

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