Men’s Face Care – How to Maintain Soft and Healthy Skin and Beards

Kind of a weird topic to get into, and oddly specific right?  I decided to nose-dive into this after reading an article about the top women’s products that were “must haves” for this winter.  I was talking about skin care in general with my husband and asked him about what he does exactly for his skin.  He immediately got that deer in headlights look, as if I was jumping him with some weird test.  He replied that all he does is shave as needed, and use an after-shave balm, and otherwise just normal soap on his face.  I asked him why he doesn’t grow out his beard, ( I myself am quite partial to a glorious well kempt beard or even smaller goatee) and he replied that it just itched to grow, and that he can only let it go so far before it feels he said like itchy fire ant are just everywhere and he needs to shave it off.

I pondered this new info, and asked him if he ever moisturized his face, or thought about why his beard itched as it grew out.  He thought about it and told me that it had just not occurred to him.  That men teaching men about skincare the way a dad might show his son how to shave, is just not stressed.  I tended to my evening online video game sessions, and asked my guy friends about this, needing to know more.  I was horrified to find out that their skincare is pretty much neglected.  I wasn’t really that surprised.  The beauty and fashion industry are mostly geared towards women.  The largest makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta are catered to mostly women.  How sad for men that they can wear nice clothing, look at ads with buff sexy men telling them what dress shirts they should wear and what sports shoes they should spend hundreds of dollars on, and that most men that enjoy dressing decently trendy, still have no idea about where to start with their skin, or what to do when it itches, flakes, or misbehaves.  Now I’m curious, so here we are.  I present, the list of stuff I discovered about man skin, and how to keep it itch-free, flake-free, and looking as sharp as your new Jordan’s.

The first thing to remember is that a man’s facial hair is not the same as a woman’s.  Their hair tends to grow in much thicker, darker, and with more density.  Hair grown is primarily testosterone driven which is why men grow facial hair and chest hair and such.  Men that shave all of their face tend to have smoother skin with less issues, because the act of shaving actually constantly removes the top layer of skin, acting as an exfoliation technique.  It is thought that this is why men’s faces can age nice with less fine lines, because this act of exfoliation can also prompt your bodies collagen rebuilding response.  Woman have a similar procedure now called microdermabrasion, which is fancy for, shaving their face.  It can be done at a medical spa by a professional to remove the top layer of peach fuzz and dead skin, but really, you can pretty much get the same thing if you shave like a dude.

Secondly, male skin tends to have different levels of oils and bacterias.  Often men that get patches of flaky dryness around their nose, on their cheeks, or flaky skin in their eyebrows or beard, seem to have a face dandruff.  It can actually be seborrheic dermatitis, which is a type of yeast.  But don’t worry! Its easily remedied by a face and beard wash, as long as it contains something for dandruff.  My favorite go-to for this stuff as well as many other ailments, is tea tree oil.  I’ve recommended many a shampoo and facewash with tea tree oil to many guy friends and they have happily reported that their issues have cleared right up.  Not only is tea tree oil a great antiseptic and an antibacterial agent, but it’s natural and not harsh, and has a natural clean type smell.  It also has positive effects on acne!  For the full treatment and general scalp and skin well-being, I suggest this shampoo set, and for beard washing and face washing, this beard wash.  Both utilize a natural approach and are healthy and safe.  However as with anything, if a reaction occurs, discontinue use!

And lastly, lets move on to that glorious facial hair, and what you can do about keeping it lustrous, soft, smelling nice, and of course, being flake-free and itch-free!  One of the things men don’t know they should do, is supplement their natural skin oils.  Beard hair is course and thick and can irritate the follicles and surrounding skin, as well as deplete your natural oils.  This leads to itching and mild flaking.  The correct method for keeping your beards and skin happy, is to wash thoroughly with a beard wash first.  Part the hair along as you go, making sure to get down to the skin, and to rinse thoroughly with warm water, not hot.  After drying, apply an unscented beard oil.  I ordered some off Amazon to make sure it wasn’t gross or smelling too frou-frou.  I loved this beard oil, as it was unscented, and carried no chemicals or bad stuff.  Not only did my husband find that it worked great, but it can even be used on your hair!  So, feel free to apply a few drops to your fingertips, and reach inside your beard and apply it to your freshly dried beard, while the skin is still warm from washing.  Just a small thin layer is all you need, rub through to the ends of your hairs.  Rub any excess to your head hair to keep it shiny and healthy and prevent split ends!  Next, use a boar bristle brush to help make sure the oil is distributed evenly, and to help smooth and detangle.  Use the brush every morning and night to help distribute your natural oils to keep your beard shiny and healthy.  Here’s a great brush and comb set to consider. Lastly, don’t be afraid to use a bit of a beard balm to help give your beard some hold and style!  This is a great extra step when you need to look extra well put together, for like a job, or a date.  It has a heavier hold than oils do.  I’m huge on only putting natural stuff on my skin, so here’s a good highly rated beard balm to try!

If the rest of your skin is still feeling dry and textured, or tight and uncomfortable, look for an affordable high-quality natural ingredient facial lotion.  One made for faces, not just any generic lotion will do.  I like the Marlowe brand facial moisturizer because it’s light on scent, paraben-free, and helps reduce redness as well as soothe razor burn. It’s made for dudes and should be applied to anything not covered by hair; like cheeks, forehead, and nose.  Apply a thin layer after a shower or face washing.  Yes, there are more expensive brands out there, but for the average dude, these tools will give you everything you need to beat the dry skin blues and keep an amazing beard all year round. 

I’m adding a final side note, as it isn’t related to simply products.  It’s not uncommon for all beards to be a tad patchy or uneven.  Some other factors to consider, is that the longer it grows, the thicker the hair will get. Trim the ends regularly. Clean and healthy skin which we covered also plays a huge role.  Because hair is testosterone driven, a healthy diet, tons of water, and a good mix of cardio and or weights will greatly boost your testosterone naturally.  Eating right as well as making sure you eat healthy fats and protein will also go a long way. If you can’t eat as balanced as you’d like, take a biotin supplement, or a good quality multivitamin and an omega supplement. Finally, hydration starts from the inside. Chug that water!  That’s sound advice in general.  There are apps and even water bottles out there to help keep you on track with fluid intake.  Keep up with all these tips, have some patience, and you will see results.  Good luck and let me know how it goes below!

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